Our history

Priverv was established in Hirtshals, back in 2013. The company's original purpose was website development, but since then the concept has changed and today Priverv is a family of services and projects.

On the timeline below you can follow our mission where means launch / foundation, while indicates milestones.



In 2021 is established. Firetier is an innovative platform for processing customer inquiries, case processing and real-time chat.

Sep 1, 2021

Founding Web Stages

In 2020, the notification platform will be established. Vebstas will form a bridge between consumer and retailer, through assessments and assessments of specific visitor sessions on websites and webshops. In this way, administrators can form an easy overview of consumer satisfaction.

Oct 6, 2020


Work on Pejler begins

In 2020, the testing of a new concept for task management of specialized tasks, such as press, delivery or rescue services, will begin.

March 1, 2020

Founding 1LINE

In 2020, a new operating partner will enter the Danish IT market. 1LINE opens its doors and offers everything from physical IT support, to managing the website. At the same time, a cost-effective alternative to having your own internal IT department of the company.

29 Feb 2020


Work on Lokaltv begins

In 2020, work will begin on a new Danish steaming service, which focuses on creating series and programs that are local, down to earth and close.

Jan 12, 2020


Work on Jobbot begins

In 2018, the idea of ​​a fully automated job bot will arise, which automatically seeks work without any impact, based on the criteria specified by the consumer.

July 20, 2018

Retrieval of Skipperposten

In 2016, Priverv will take over the operation of the local newspaper and establish Skippermedier, which later became Skipperposten. The purpose of the repatriation is to bring a number of new digital local newspapers to Denmark and therefore start Hjørringposten, Mossøposten, Aalborgposten and Sydhavsposten .

Aug 1, 2016

Founding Priverv

In 2012, Priverv will be founded in Hirtshals. At the time of its establishment, the clear goal was to focus on the development, optimization and operation of websites for companies and individuals. The name Priverv comes from the words Private and Erhverv, meaning "private" and "enterprise" in Danish.

Oct 1, 2012