Our history

In the summer of 2013, a small company was established, from some modest premises, in the fishing town of Hirtshals. The company's purpose was to develop websites for individuals and businesses. Since then we are advanced and today we work primarily with operations and development of innovative software solutions.

On the timeline below you can follow how our development has shaped us over time.


Founding of

In 2022, was established. Indhent is a new platform which makes it super easy to obtain and select the best offer for development tasks within the website, webshop and app development.

10 Feb 2022

Founding of Vebstas

In 2020, the review platform will be established. Vebstas forms a bridge between consumer and retailer, measures user satisfaction worldwide and uses a special algorithm to calculate the visitor's satisfaction and readiness to buy.

6 Oct 2020

Work on Pejler begins

In 2020, the development of a new concept for technical task management of equipment and personnel will begin, within, for example, press, delivery or rescue operations.

1. mar. 2020

Retrieve Skipperposten

In 2016, Priverv takes over the operation of the local newspaper and establishes Skippermedier, which later became Skipperposten. The purpose of the repatriation is to bring a number of new digital local newspapers to Denmark and therefore start Hjørringposten, Mossøposten, Aalborgposten and Sydhavsposten.

Aug 1, 2016

Founding Priverv

In 2013, Priverv was founded in Hirtshals. When established, the clear goal was to focus on the development, optimization and operation of websites for companies and individuals. Hence the name Priverv, a contraction of privat and erhverv.

1 Oct 2013