About Us

Since 2013, we have developed and operated innovative and ground-breaking software solutions. We have brought products to the market that you may already know about, including the offer platform and the employee well-being tool SmartMTU. Our products are different, but common for all of them is that they contribute to a digital future.



Our history goes back almost 10 years. The original purpose was to develop well-functioning websites for customers in a completely new market. Since then we have advanced and today we primarily work with the operation and development of innovative software solutions .

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Behind the name

Priverv was established with a focus on website development, for private and business customers, with the desire to "go online". For the same reason, the name Priverv was chosen, as the name in its simplicity is a contraction of private and business. Namely Priverv and Erhverv, pronounced Pri-verv.


Products and services

We operate and develop a number of different websites that you may already know about. The common denominator for all of them is that they are innovative and often quite unique.

We are known, among other things, for being behind the review platform, the offer platform and the employee well-being tool

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